Sunday, 27 April 2008

My last one for today to put on here..

This turned out to be a real biggie as i got carried away with it.. lol

These colours are lovely pastel colours that remind me of summer which is what i named this scrap..


You can download it HERE

I quite like the colour's of this one too..

I am enjoying making scrap kits..


You can download it from HERE

Here is my 2nd scrap kit..

Step Into Summer

I wanted these colours to make a dean yeagle tag & never got round to actually making the tag itself.. lol

I do like the fresh colours of this kit...

You can get it from HERE

Helloooo I thought i would try a blog instead of using my limited space on my website..

well i have spent all day nearly trying to suss out how to get this blog looking how i want it..

I am none the wiser now than i was a few hours ago..

I am tired tho, i was woken up early this morning by Ellie-Grace as she was lying funny & had her arm caught in between the bars of her cot, so she couldn't move..

There was no getting her back to sleep then..

I am looking forward to her birthday tomorrow, we are having a little party for her.. She will be 1..

Here is my first kit

Pink Strips

you can download it from HERE

I do hope you like it